Due South

Read Kellie Matthews' rant against Sociopathic!Fraser.

Due South Fanfiction (Fraser/Kowalski)

Everything on this page is of a slash nature (with a range of ratings), so I will not be putting that warning on each and every story listed below. That means lots of boys doing nasty things to other boys. I'm assuming because you're here that this sort of thing turns your crank too.

Remember...Caveat Lector. I write PWPs, angst, humor and plain old sweet romance. Reader beware. I do not rate my stories. Although if violence is heavy, I don't want your cookies on my conscience, so I do warn about that.

Title Summary
Diefenbaker's Remedy Every dog...or wolf has his day.
Recovery Sequel to Deifenbaker's Remedy. Answers the age old question...Just what *will* make M&Ms melt in your hand and not in your mouth?
Relapse Well, it's not coming soon, so forget it. I like the way the series ended after #2.
Ashes On the Water Begins during "Asylum" and ends at the Lake They Call Michigan in "Mountie on the Bounty". More or less a sequel to LaToot's "Not In the Least".
Thought Companion piece to LaT's "Rival". Ray's having nasty thoughts again.
Hunger Chew on a little angst to get your day started off right.
Just Fraser and RayK :)
Day's End Schmoopy alert! One of the few you'll see from me. Post-Call of the Wild inspired by Tara McLean's song from the DS soundtrack. No lyrics, though, I swear!
Aborted Attempt Can Fraser and Ray *really* do kink?
Primal Dark, repressed Benton Fraser muse got to come out and play. Not so good for the bad guys, I can tell ya. Violence warning. NO soft, fluffy bunnies here!
Mountie, the Quicker Picker Upper Short, sweet, raunchy for the self-gratification challenge.
The View I was on a roll that week. As Te says, "You can never go wrong with a masterbation challenge."
Hot Somewhat of an AU. The "dance scene" if it had been Ray Kowalski dancing with Ms. Fraser in "Some Like It Red."
Indebted Post- "Good For the Soul" snippet.
Surprised By Joy Sometimes a guy is just a guy.
Familiar Stranger is an unfinished arc written in collaboration with Rusty Reid
- - -
Familiar Stranger I This is Benton Fraser as you've never seen him (or probably even thought of him). He's not always nice and he doesn't always do nice things.
Familiar Stranger II Be careful if you like your Mounties squeaky clean. You've been warned...
Part 3 in progress and due out before the end of the 21st Century. . The lovely and talented Sihaya Black has revamped and FINISHED Familiar Stranger. A bit of a new look, but it's still our Bad!Ben.
His Only Vice First appeared in "Serge Protector" zine, 1999. Everyone needs a vice.

Finally!! Sacred Stetson Press is proud to offer Serge Protector on the Web.

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