Best Of A Bad Situation, part 2

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Continued from part 1.


When Jeff’s eyes narrow and he puts a finger to his lips, Jensen stops talking. Jeff leans in, his hands cupping the back of Jensen’s neck and lets his lips brush across the sensitive lobe of Jensen’s ear.”Someone’s coming.”So far there’d been no interruptions on their nights together, even though Jensen has seen the way they all look at him now. The one favored with a regular. The one who doesn’t have to wonder who he’s going to be with each night. Jensen is grateful for the opportunity to throw the blanket across his hips and hide his semi-erect state. Being with Jeff is always…confusing, his old attraction still very much present, despite everything. But the bottom line is that Jeff is here as a client and Jensen loves Jared. The end.Jeff pulls him down, kissing Jensen hard and solid. Jensen’s muffled surprise is quickly replaced by his acquiescence. When Jeff pulls back, his eyes crinkle in a smile and his thumb drags across Jensen’s wet and swollen bottom lip. “There, that looks better.”Jeff cocks a teasing eyebrow at Jensen’s full-on erection, straining against the thin material of the throw, then adjusts his own briefs in solidarity. Jensen hates the blush that heats his face nearly as much as the treachery of his cock.

Jensen recognizes Claudia’s sharp rap on the door just before she opens it a crack, standing just out of sight. “Mr. Morgan, I can’t apologize enough for having to disturb your time with Jensen, but I’m afraid I need to cut your evening short. There’s an emergency in the house we need him to attend to. Please allow me to offer your next visit at no charge, compliments of La Hacienda.”

Jensen can tell she’s trying to be professional and businesslike, but she can’t hide the underlying urgency. An emergency. There’s only one emergency in the house that would need his attention, and that’s Jared. Fear hits him like a club, paralyzing Jensen for long seconds. Then, he shoves Jeff rudely off of him to jump out of the bed and grab his clothes, neatly folded on a nearby chair.

“What happened? What’s wrong with Jared?” The bob of his shrinking cock sickens him.

Jeff stands and goes to the door, opening it all the way. Claudia looks downright distraught and Jensen can’t get dressed fast enough. Claudia starts apologizing to Jeff again. In nothing but his pants, shirt clenched in his hands, Jensen pushes between them, grabbing Claudia’s arm. “Is Jared all right?”

Claudia looks at Jeff, which just pisses Jensen right the fuck off, but Jeff nods. “Please. I’d like to know too. Is he okay?”

“I…” Claudia wrings her hands, which Jensen has never seen her do, glancing back toward the house. “He’ll be fine. It’s just. Hard to explain.”

“Try.” He grips Claudia’s arm harder until she winces and jerks away.

“Jensen, I need you to calm down,” she says, sounding calmer herself. “Jared needs you, and you need to be in control or I won’t let you near him.” She takes a few seconds to smooth her jacket and then gestures toward the house. Fuming, fretting, Jensen follows her up the flagstone path, the rock cold and gritty under his bare feet. He doesn’t even look back at Jeff, still standing in the doorway of the cabana.

“Jared had a bad asthma attack.” Anticipating the spate of questions that crowds up to Jensen’s lips, she holds up a hand, still walking. “He’s over it. He was with Taylor, who had the quick wits to get the inhaler and pen in the side table.” And this is why they stay at the compound. They pay the price with their bodies for the largess of the house, always readily accessible for Jared and the rest who need it.

Jensen takes a deep, shuddering breath. Thank you, God. Thank you for watching over him.

“The problem isn’t really the attack.” Claudia brushes her hair behind her ear as she leads him up the stairs, a nervous gesture that makes the dread sink deeper in Jensen’s stomach. “It’s the drugs.”

“The drugs?” Jensen echoes. “Are they becoming less effective?” It’s one of their biggest fears and Jensen’s stomach feels like it’s churning nothing but acid.

“No. Jensen…listen to me.” Claudia stops in the middle of the hallway and puts her hand on his arm. “The clients–they were new. They were vetted by the Owners, of course, but I didn’t know them. I didn’t know they would…”

“Would what?”

Claudia sighs and Jensen’s lips and hands tighten. If she doesn’t explain fast, he’s going to start opening doors at random and find Jared himself. “They brought their own wine from home, gave it to the boys—”

“Boys?” Claudia had said Taylor was with him.

“They wanted two men. We gave them Jared and Taylor.”

Jensen inhales sharply. “And the wine?”

Claudia makes a helpless gesture with her hands. “It was drugged. The Rohypnol reacted with Jared’s asthma medication and that’s why his attack was so severe.”

“Rohypnol. They gave him fucking roofies?” Jensen’s hands ball into fists. “I’ll kill them.”

“You will do no such thing,” Claudia says flatly in her coldest tone. “We think there was something else mixed in…some form of Ecstasy. The clients have been banned, Jensen. And Jared’s account will be credited double his usual fee.”

“You think I give a shit about the money?” Jensen demands, incredulous. “Jesus, Claudia, I just want to know where Jared is.”

Claudia nods jerkily and Jensen sees her eyes are red-rimmed, as if she’s near tears. “Yes, of course, I just… I’m so sorry, Jensen. You have to believe I never wanted this to happen.”

Jensen’s in no mood to be charitable. “Yeah, Claudia, you’re all heart.” He waits for her to let go of his arm. “Now, where is Jared? Please?” He knows he’s begging, but nothing matters except getting to Jay. “Please. I just want to be with him.”

Claudia’s lips press flat. “You need to understand, Jensen… He’s in quite a state. You’re going to need to be in control for him. You understand me? Be in control.”

Claudia steps back and looks Jensen straight in the eyes. He nods, making his face calmer than he feels, mind racing with the implications of ‘in quite a state’. Finally satisfied that Jensen’s got himself somewhat strapped down she says, “The Blue Room. Cid’s in there with him by now.”

Despite how desperate Jensen is to see Jared, to lay eyes on him and reassure himself that Jared is indeed okay, he opens the door to the Blue Room slowly, slipping his head in first to take in the scene before stepping inside.Gina is kneeling beside Jared, who is prone and writhing on one of the divans. Next to her is the doc, Cid, unwrapping a blood pressure cuff and murmuring words Jensen can’t hear.”Fine, kid. Lay there and suffer through it.” Jensen stiffens at the sound of Michael’s voice, his attention slipping from Jared. For the first time, he notices the second divan, a second pair of bare legs that must be Taylor. Michael backs away from Taylor’s couch and turns on his heel. “I hope you die of blue balls, you dumb, lovesick whore.”Michael shoves past Jensen as he leaves the room, driving Jensen into the jamb. “Yeah, of course you show up now,” Michael sneers at Jensen in a quieter voice. “Fucking white knight of ass wrangling, aren’t you? You going to save them both?”

“Fuck off and die, Weatherly.”


Taylor’s voice cuts across Michael’s muttered, “You wish,” and the naked, unadulterated longing in Taylor’s voice catches in Jensen’s stomach like a fragment of glass.

Jared pushes up on one arm and Jensen’s attention goes back to him like a lodestone.

“Taylor.” Jared sounds wrecked and shredded, but his tone is strong. Jensen’s heart lifts just a little bit, giving him the space to take a deep breath. “T. It’s going to be okay, man. I promise. It’s gonna be all right.”

Jared looks over and sees Jensen then, still lurking in the doorway like an intruder. “Jensen.” The way Jared’s face softens, the bald relief in his voice at the sight of him gives Jensen the strength to walk the rest of the way across the room. Cid’s knees creak as he stands and takes a step back, allowing Jensen to move in closer and kneel beside his lover.

“Jared.” Jared’s name escapes like a growing wind preceding the storm. Over their heads, Jensen sees Gina and Cid look at each other and Gina makes a motion toward the door. Jensen’s already forgotten about them, focused entirely on Jared. He runs his hands up Jared’s arms, desperate for contact. “How you doing, man?”

Just that light touch makes Jared moan, eyes clouding. Jared shifts on the divan and Jensen feels a certain amazement that he hadn’t noticed the spectacular boner Jared is sporting.

Quite a state.

Be in control.

Jared’s hands tug at him, half-pulling Jensen on top of him until their mouths can meet. The kiss is deep, liquid, as intoxicating as if Jensen’s been roofied too. Jared ruts shamelessly against Jensen’s side, making quiet, breathless noises in his throat. But when Jensen pulls back, dizzy with the need for air, Jared’s eyes are dark with hurt, with anger.

“You smell like him.”

Jensen’s never been into the drug scene, but he’s had to talk enough of his friends down from bad trips to remember their descriptions of how it felt, what it was like. Jared’s senses are on overload…and so are his emotions.

Be in control.

Jensen brushes the damp hair from Jared’s face, making Jared feel each fingertip swirl across his skin. “But I’m here with you.” Jared’s mouth opens and his breath hitches. Jensen can’t tell if it’s pleasure or pain. “Baby, look at me.” His hands flutter around Jared’s face, then over his chest, so relieved he can cry when he feels it rise and fall in a steady rhythm. “I’m here with you.”

Jared’s face crumples, almost childlike. “Jen…it hurts so bad.”

Even in the candlelight, the flush in Jared’s face, the heated looks from those narrow, catlike eyes are clear. “It’s okay, Jay. I got you.” Jensen strips out of his pants again, awkward because Jared won’t let him go or stop petting him long enough for him to stand. Finally, though, he’s naked too, peeling away the thin chenille spread to straddle Jared’s naked thighs and roll his palm over Jared’s rock-hard erection.

Jared hisses, then groans, arching up into Jensen’s touch. He’s shaking his head no even while moaning. “Need you. Need…” Jared rolls his head to face Jensen, eyes bright with longing. “God, I need you…fuck me.”

Jensen’s body responds instantly to both Jared’s body and his voice and he’s ready to do just that when he hears a rustling sound from the corner. Jensen turns toward the source and sees Taylor sitting up, his throw bunched down around his waist and doing no more to hide his obvious need than Jared’s had. Taylor’s face is flushed and shiny-slick with sweat as he chews on his lower lip, watching them, want bright in his eyes.

Oh, hell. Jensen turns back to Jared. “Jay?”

Jared licks his lips and locks his gaze with Taylor, but talks to Jensen. “They drugged us both, Jen. Roofied us and something else. And Tay…Taylor’s kinda crazy right now. Chased both Michael and Gary off when they tried to…to help.”

“Wouldn’t want that fucker touching me, either,” Jensen mutters, but clearly understands the problem.

It’s not that Jensen doesn’t feel for Taylor. He does. He likes Taylor. And Taylor didn’t ask for this any more than Jared did. But, selfishly, he doesn’t want anyone to touch Jared other than him. Not right now. Not like this. Jared is his and he’ll take care of whatever Jared needs.

At the same time, it seems downright cruel to leave him out when he’s in just as bad a shape. Jensen glances back at Taylor, remembering Claudia’s words. He was with Taylor, who had the quick wits to get the inhaler and pen in the side table.

“Let me stay, Jensen. Please. I won’t… I won’t touch. Just let me…let me watch. Watch Jared…and you.” In other circumstances, Jensen might find this funny, Taylor pleading to watch him and Jared in a scared little boy’s voice while his hand is shoved under the blanket, gripping his dick. But this—what those fuckheads did to Taylor and Jared—is anything but funny.

Jared squeezes Jensen’s hand, drawing his attention back, and nods. “It’s okay,” Jared croaks, his voice shredded and needy. “Just, please…” He rolls up, his cock sliding against Jensen’s.

“Yeah, okay.” Jensen bends and kisses Jared, sweet and full, sucking Jared’s tongue into his mouth. Then, slowly, he makes his way down Jared’s torso, marking his way with sharp nips of his teeth and softer kisses.

Jared flinches and moans when Jensen’s breath caresses across his cock. “Yeah, baby. You’re all right,” Jensen murmurs before he lowers his head to mouth Jared’s cock tenderly.

Jared’s hand curves around Jensen’s head, encouraging as Jensen takes Jared’s entire length down until his throat is full. For a moment, panicking, Jensen can’t breathe. Just like Jared couldn’t breathe, he thinks bitterly. Jared still smells like sex, tastes like it, even though he’s obviously been cleaned up some. Jensen’s anger chokes him as much as Jared’s cock down his throat.

He should have been there. It should’ve been him and Jared, together. But the ugly truth is that, even if Jensen had been free, there was no guarantee that the clients would’ve taken them together. And if they’d been together, he probably would be in just as bad a state as Jared. As Taylor. And who would be taking care of Jared then?

Jensen makes his throat open, breathes in through his nose. Love you, baby. Love you so much.

From the corner Taylor gives a grunt of pleasure. In his peripheral vision, Jensen sees Taylor throw the covers completely off, hears the frantic slap-slide of hand-on-dick and knows the other man has chosen to take care of himself rather than let anyone else touch him. Pulling off, taking in a deep breath, it’s jealousy that almost chokes Jensen this time. Taylor would have let Jared touch him.

I’m here with you. Jared’s body writhes beneath Jensen’s touch, Jared’s fingers twisting and pinching his own nipples, desperately seeking stimulation. Jensen lets his teeth scrape slowly up the length of Jared’s long cock, stopping just before he can slip from Jensen’s mouth, then sucks hard and goes down deep again. He tries to ignore the sour smell of drug-tainted sweat that rolls from Jared’s body.

“Jen…” Jared whimpers. “It’s not enough. Please. Please…”

No. Of course it’s not enough. “I’ve got you, baby. Let me…” Jensen climbs back up Jared’s body, cups Jared’s face in both hands. “Look at me, Jay. Open your eyes.”

Jared’s pupils are so dark, there’s nothing left of the beautiful forest hazel Jensen adores. Jared stares up into Jensen’s face, chewing on his lower lip while his nostrils flare with each heaving breath.

“Want to fuck me now, Jared? Is that what you need? You can do that, you know. You can have me any way you want.” Jensen lets his voice drop, conscious of Taylor still there behind them. He intentionally ignores the noises of slick skin slapping skin. Taylor can watch, if that’s what he needs, but this is between him and Jared. This is just them. “You know this is yours, Jay.”

Jared arches up in a desperate effort for more contact. Jensen lets Jared’s face go to knead the straining muscles which are only accentuated by the shadows and highlights of the flickering candles. His nails scrape down the backs of Jared’s biceps, continue down the quivering flesh of Jared’s sides before reversing the route back to the matted, wet hair under Jared’s arms. Jensen shifts up so their balls and the base of their cocks are snugged together. Despite his worry, his need is starting to match Jared’s.

“Jen.” Jared tugs him down and Jensen lowers his head to let Jared’s breath caress his ear. “Love you.”

Jensen’s eyes close, his heart slamming against his ribs. “Love you too, Jay. Always. What do you need? What do you want, man? Fuck or be fucked?”

“Fuck you. Fucking need you so bad.” Jared’s hands close on Jensen’s hips, flexing convulsively, dragging Jensen against him.

“Take it, Jay. Take me however you need, now.”

Jensen means every syllable of every word of what he says, but still isn’t expecting the abruptness of Jared’s reaction. Jared’s fingers tighten like vises and he surges up, flipping them over. The divan isn’t long enough for these kinds of acrobatics; Jensen grunts as his shoulders slam into the couch’s edge and his head falls back to crash into the padded end. It doesn’t help that Jared’s got about 30 pounds and four inches on him, all pressing him flat into the cushion, but Jensen catches his breath quickly and spreads his legs wide, letting Jared read his utter willingness to do whatever Jared wants.

Jared scrabbles for the bottle of lube left discarded on the floor. Lube is never far away from any of them at La Hacienda, but this time Jensen’s thankful for that truism. He was prepared to take it dry if that’s what Jared needs, but he’s grateful for Jared’s presence of mind, for this evidence of his deep care, even now.

Jared’s fingers are clumsy, skirting between Jensen’s legs with slick urgency, but Jensen doesn’t mind messy. Or the burn when Jared goes fast, opening him roughly. Jared kneels back onto his heels, bringing Jensen’s legs over his thighs.

Jensen watches Jared jack and stroke himself with the other hand while he’s got what feels like three fingers deep into Jensen. Even like this, in one of the client rooms, with an audience, with Jared half out of his mind, he can’t help his feeling of amazement that this is them, that this is his life. He got Jared.

“Come on, Jay. Give me that monster. Fuck me. I know you need to. I want your cock so bad.” His heartfelt words have the desired effect. Jared makes a noise almost like a squeak as he squeezes the base of his cock hard one last time before yanking on Jensen’s legs, pulling them up over his shoulders. “See how ready I am for you? How wet?” Jensen turns his head to bite at Jared’s wrist next to his head, then sucks on the tightened skin of his forearm while reaching down to help Jared line up at his entrance.

When Jared enters Jensen, it’s not nearly as painful as he expects. There’s always an ohgodtoofull adjustment at the best of times and this is so far from their usual lovemaking that Jensen can hardly believe it’s happening.

The stifled noise that Jared makes, sliding in, surges straight to Jensen’s cock. When he’s seated deep, Jared just holds himself inside Jensen, and Jensen’s awed by him all over again, at the control Jared’s barely hanging onto. For him.

“C’mon, Jared,” Jensen says, his voice so deep it makes his throat ache to push the words out. “Don’t hold back. Give it to me.”

Jared’s grin is shy and tentative, but unmistakably him as he pulls out and then slams back in, jolting them both. Jensen lets his moan ring out loud and long, knowing Jared won’t—can’t—just take what he needs unless Jensen gives it up to him. Jared’s so close to the edge; uninhibited, wanton and desperate. Heat suffuses Jensen’s body with the knowledge that it’s him Jared needs. Jared called for him. Jared knows that Jensen will always be there for him.

“Yeah. Fuck, God, Jay. So good.” And it is. Jensen’s getting into it, blissed-out desire as Jared repeatedly hits the sweet spot with each grunting thrust. Jensen holds Jared’s gaze steady and deep, falls in love all over again as he sees the determination in Jared’s eyes to at least attempt to make it good for him too. “Love you,” Jensen says again.

Jared looks startled, then smiles wider through the sweat and tears on his face. He leans down to cover Jensen’s mouth with his own, tangling tongues and sweeping the taste of anything that’s come before away forever.

Jensen’s a little glad that Jared probably won’t remember this, because it’s the kiss that takes him to climax, he’s sure. Jared’s wraps his huge hand around the side of Jensen’s neck and jaw, holding him into the kiss as it deepens and Jared slides in and out of him with deep, penetrating sensuality. As he comes, Jensen’s mouth opens wider while he tries to suck in a breath through Jared’s mouth and a noise that sounds suspiciously like a whining dog fills the room. Jared pulls himself up again and begins to fuck Jensen harder and deeper, jarring Jensen’s head against the end of the divan, but Jared’s close and that’s all that matters.

“Come on Jay. Come for me. Fuck.” Jared screws his face up like he does and Jensen rakes his nails hard across the top of Jared’s thighs, knowing the extra burn is just what he needs to send him over. Jensen feels the liquid heat inside and arches up into the last few thrusts, flexing to milk Jared dry. “That’s right, baby. I love how you fill me up.”

And Jared freezes mid-thrust. “No. Oh God.”


Jared pulls out—which, ow—and jumps off the divan like it’s on fire. Limp muscled and aching, Jensen struggles up.

“Jay? What is it? Are you hurt?” Jensen ignores the tickle of warm come seeping out of his hole and reaches out to pull Jared back down. “C’mere.”

Jared looks stricken. “We didn’t use anything. Oh God. Jen, I just fucked you bare.”

This still isn’t making any sense. “Jay, we always–”

Jared cuts him off. “When we were drugged…out of it… Taylor and I…” Jared looks up at the flickering lights on the ceiling and drags his fingers through his hair, tugging it away from his scalp. “Oh God, Jensen, Taylor and I didn’t use a condom.”

Jensen can’t help it. He automatically looks over to where Taylor is still watching them, his own come settling into sticky globs over his hand and stomach. He looks as stricken as Jared does and, as Jensen watches, Taylor wipes his hand on the throw and then stands up like he’s going to leave. Like Jared, his cock is finally flaccid with that final release, but like Jared, afterglow is probably the last thing on his mind.

Jensen combs his fingers through his hair. “Okay, everybody stop.”

Rather to his surprise, they both do, looking at him warily. Jensen takes a breath and gestures them both to sit. “Let’s not freak out about this before we have to, okay? It was just the two of you, right? Those skanks that roofied you…did they touch you?”

“N-not like that.” Taylor won’t look up from his knotted-together hands, hair hiding his expression but not the guilt-ridden tone of his voice. “They didn’t get a chance, before Jared…”

“Yeah.” Jensen cuts him off, not wanting to hear about Jared’s attack again. “Okay. Well, we all know we’re clean. House rules, right? Either of you ever barebacked with anyone else?”

Both Jared and Taylor shake their heads. Jared looks at Jensen, shame and regret and guilt — all horrible things Jensen never wants to see on his face again.

“Then we’re all good.” Jensen pulls Jared into his arms, surprised at how easily he allows it now after the freakout. He holds Jared, soothing him with hands rubbing back and forth across his shoulders. “Everything’s cool.” Everything’s a pretty long way from cool, but Jensen tries to project sincerity and keep his voice calm.

“Yeah,” Taylor echoes, deep, ugly bitterness dripping from his tone. “Everything’s peachy fucking keen.” He drags his fingers through his hair and then starts picking up clothes. “I gotta… I need to get out of here.”

“Don’t we all,” Jared says, pulling away, his voice and the dull, dry anger in his eyes leaving no question that he doesn’t just mean this room.

Jensen reaches for Jared’s hand, grateful when the other man doesn’t pull away. He doesn’t know how much of this Taylor and Jared will remember later, after they’ve slept. He hopes not much. “So let’s get out of here.” He tugs on Jared’s hand and they go, Taylor following in their wake.

When Jared opens the door, the brightness of the hallway dazzles his sensitive eyes like a flash. He stops abruptly and blinks, causing Jensen to stop and turn. “You okay?”

Instead of answering Jensen, Jared turns to Taylor, his eyes questioning. “Did I imagine that? The flashes of light?”

Taylor looks confused for a few seconds and spits out, “Fucking Michael. He let them bring it in.”

Jensen’s slipping toward impatience. “What’d Weatherly do now? Bring what in?” Jensen steps in front of Jared, willing Jared to look at him and tell him what’s going on. Jared’s eyes, now more murky green than black blown pupils, calmly meet Jensen’s as he answers.

“The camera.”

The End…

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