Nobody’s Bitch (John/Mary)

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Warning: rough het sex, cursing (probably a strong PG-13 or R rating)
AN: No idea where this came from. I seem to be on a violent sex kick lately and I can’t say why. 60 minutes of total stream of consciousness, so don’t expect War and Peace.

The night Sam was conceived, John came home drunk. It was Friday and the guys at the shop wanted to go sling back a few, and who was he to turn down a bit of social interaction?It was close to midnight when he got home. No use trying to be quiet. Mary was probably sitting at the kitchen table now, counting the ways she was going to kill him. No doubt, slow and tortuous. Mary never took his shit and it only made him love her more.

Sure enough, a light glowed through the window in the back of the house where the kitchen was. The rest of the house, darker than a tomb. Little Dean would be asleep for hours by now and Mary had had plenty of time to work up a good head of steam.


John went straight to the back door. No use trying to play coy. And the racket he made tripping over Dean’s Big Wheel could have woken the whole neighborhood.

Standing outside, peering through the panes of the door, John saw Mary sitting at the Formica topped breakfast table, glaring at him through the smoke of her cigarette. He tried to smile, putting on his best puppy-dog face. Mary rolled her eyes and pushed back the straight back chair and waved him in.

“Have a good time?” she asked. Butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth.

“Now, Mary… “


John stumbled back against the door, rattling the windows, more from shock then any real force behind Mary’s slap.

“What the fuck?” His pupils expanded until all Mary could see was a bright darkness shining out of a rage-darkened face.

So this was how it was tonight? Any pretense of apology or guilt flew out the open window over the sink.

“God damnit, woman! What the hell was that for? It’s Friday night, we didn’t have plans and I went out with the guys.” He glared, daring her to make a stink.

“Right.” Mary’s voice was calm and controlled. She flipped her cigarette into the sink, turned, sending her chiffon robe twirling around her, and walked to the next room.

He had no idea when a fairly innocent night out became a criminal offense, but he was the head of this household and he’d done nothing wrong. Damn her! Following in the sweet-smelling wake of his wife, John decided it was high time she realized it.

Mary had stopped in the living room, standing at the big picture window that overlooked the lawn she’d been working so hard to keep green this year. Another cigarette burned in her right hand, making a halo of smoke around her shoulders and head. John stopped in the doorway and stared at her back, silently daring her to say something else.

When several minutes of silence was all she’d given him, John’s anger began to subside and his thoughts drifted to places he hadn’t walked in several weeks.

Work was a stone cold bitch lately. Not a lot of work for the independent mechanic these days, as everyone was going to the big dealerships with their fancy ways. John worried about having his pay cut, or worse, getting laid off. Mary had offered to go back to work, but his pride wouldn’t allow the mother of his child to leave their son with strangers during the day.

So, he stayed out blowing off a bit of steam and pretending everything was normal for them and this was what he got. He couldn’t work up the head of steam he’d brought into the living room with him, though, and leaned back against the doorframe, wondering when everything had become so fucked up.

He walked up behind her and placed his hands firmly on her shoulders. The mother of his son… so beautiful and full of spirit. She shifted beneath his fingers, hinting for him to back off. Instead, he tightened his grip and leaned down to kiss the side of her neck. So soft and tender and fragrant after her bath. He remembered a time when just blowing on her neck would send Mary into a fit of giggles and goosebumps.

Now he could see the furrow of tiny wrinkles between her eyes reflected back at him in the window. Her mouth was tight with disapproval and at once John wanted to wipe that look off her face and replace it with one of wild abandon. He turned her around to face him and he could feel the muscles in her arms bunch in resistance, defiance reflected in every line of her face.

“Mary,” he breathed and stepped in closer, pressing his leg between her thighs, creating sweet friction against his erection.

Her lips shaped around the word ‘No’ but no sound was allowed to escape. John swept down to capture her lips in a deep, dirty kiss that left them both breathless and flushed after a few moments.

“Don’t tell me no,” he commanded and kissed her again, pressing into her soft breasts with his body, backing her into the window, while his hands roamed freely beneath the flimsy nightgown.

As if his words had awoken some demon inside her, Mary squirmed against him, her fingers raking down his arms, but John didn’t budge and she could feel the hard length of him digging into her stomach, sending sweet ripples of liquid desire between her legs.

She would not just roll over for him like a bitch in heat. She was nobody’s bitch and that’s for sure.

Mary jerked her mouth away and turned her head, breathing hard and fast. Her trapped leg between his thighs rose dangerously close and John squeezed his legs together, capturing her errant limb before jerking her back with him onto the couch.

Taking advantage of Mary’s off-balance position, John lay atop her, letting his weight do all the work. When he dipped his head down once more to kiss her, he felt her teeth bury in the soft flesh of his lip and yanked his head back, swearing and almost ready to raise his hand.

All Mary did was glare up at him. Daring him. Waiting.

She bucked beneath him, but her small, woman’s body was no match for the hard muscle of his arms and legs and the strength in his hands that only comes from manual labor. It didn’t stop her from thrashing about, though. Knowing how this would end, but determined not to give in without a fight.

John smiled then, coming to the same conclusion. Fine. Let her fight him. The victory would be all the sweeter for her struggles. One large hand pulled her gown up, baring her naked limbs and more. His fingers curled in the elastic leg of her panties and pulled up with one swift jerk, ripping the nylon into scraps of flimsy cloth which he tossed on the carpet.

Mary’s legs fell open but her hands still clawed at his arms and chest, leaving streaks of angry red welts in her wake. John ground his hard cock into the crease of hip and thigh, pulled Mary up to him with a hand to the back of her neck and kissed her breathless. All the while rubbing right in that spot he knew turned her on.

When John finally slipped his finger inside, it slid in slick as you please, sucked in by her moist heat. She gasped against his lips and he let her fall back to the cushions so he could unfasten his belt and pants.

Mary had finally stopped scraping her nails over his arms and reached down to grip John’s ass, sliding her hands down the back of his loosened pants. With one sweet shove, he was inside her, riding her hard and fast.

“God, I love to fuck you,” he grunted, knowing the dirty words just turned her on.

“Fuck you John Winchester,” was all she said until he pulled a keening groan from her kiss-swollen lips at the same instant his orgasm rushed through him, leaving them both sweating, panting and weak from their exertions.

John bit his lower lip as he slowly withdrew and held his weight on shaking elbows over Mary’s still quivering body. Her gown was around her waist and his pants shoved down to his knees, but somehow he knew this time had been different.

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