Good Luck With That (SPN/Grey’s Anatomy)

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SPN/Grey’s Anatomy ficlet

AN: Yes, set in a world where John Winchester is Denny Duquette. John goes back to Seattle in the hospital AFTER “Shadows” when he leaves the boys in Chicago.

Pairing: JohnDenny/Izzie
Rated for all

Words spoken as much for his benefit as Izzie’s and he’d probably laugh at the irony if it didn’t hurt so fucking much. He’s had a love/hate relationship with Lady Luck his whole life.

Even now Izzie’s leaning over him and he can smell her — antibacterial soap and shampoo. No flowery perfumes for his Izzie. Nor the scent of decay, death and demons, either.

Denny feels the kiss all the way to his toes and his fingers curl, itch to reach up and pull her down. But John pulls back. This is nothing but asking for trouble. And when did he begin thinking of her as “his” Izzie?

As much as it galls him to admit it, that punk is right. This is a bad idea. But blue eyes and soft pink lips beg to differ. Denny’s tough, but John’s tougher. And neither have the steel determination he sees in her eyes just before wheeling him into surgery. And when he wakes up, not only alive but being watched over by a tearful Izzie, it doesn’t matter that Alex may have spoken all the world’s truths in one sentence.

Denny lies like a big dog. He isn’t strong enough to be realistic. He and Izzie – aren’t they a pair?


John mulls over his options and they all pretty much suck. He can’t stop the hunt now. Not when that thing lurks just outside his peripheral vision and he doesn’t know if it’s him or Sam or Dean it will claim next. His boys came first. Always have. Always will.

That’s why he keeps a knife in the nightstand by his bed along with the single piece of paper he calls a will, a vial of holy water and a silver cross. That’s why he hates the drugs they pump in his body that make him loopy and unaware of anything but Izzie’s closeness.

She sits beside him wearing a curious smile, seeing more than he wants to show. She reaches out and brushes his hair, all mussed from wearing that stupid shower cap they put on him, away from his face, letting her hand linger at his temple.

She tells him it’s over with Alex. Thank God.

Oh, fuck.

Denny sees the gentle sweep of golden wisps around her face. John sees the shadows that lurk just over her shoulder.

It isn’t fair that all his defenses are being breeched one by one. Bad enough that his body is weakening – letting him down when he needs it most.

There seems to be more than one way for your heart to betray you.

But, with the feather touch of her fingers at his ear, Izzie makes promises to Denny he knows she can’t keep. And John knows the danger of that. Oh yes, he does.

What will it hurt to believe her for a few days… a few weeks? However long he has left. Okay, at least for tonight. Tonight he will talk to Izzie of new hearts and old men and young girls. He’ll let her plan their next scrabble game. Their next ‘date’.

And when Alex comes around, Denny’ll grin smugly and tell John to take a hike.

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